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TICK offers six-month incubation period subject to extension. We accept applications only through our website. You can register yourself through the application.
TICK provides free office space for 2-4 team members, 24/7 high speed internet access, power supply and telephone services. You will also get shared access to IT and administrative infrastructure of TICK. Please contact for more details.
You can work from home but TICK has some designated daily work hours for all teams and for continuous improvements and other reasons we will prefer that you spend most of your working hours at TICK premises.
The following is a list of criteria that we employ to evaluate applications: 1) Completeness and balance in the startup team in terms of skills, effort and commitment. 2) No conflicting commitments that could materially affect the team’s ability to focus on their business and produce desired results. 3) Presence of a clear and strong business proposition that is both viable and attractive. 4) Element of uniqueness in the idea that sets it apart from competing solutions and creates exceptional value. 5) Significant upside or scalability of the business idea. 6) Demonstrable and clear understanding of the target market. However, if you do not meet one or more of these criteria, but still believe that you have a great business idea with which we could help you, we would certainly encourage you to apply.
There is no fee for the incubation/acceleration program. However, if you use the space for co-working purpose TICK has different design model depends on your business nature.
Not necessarily, this program is for all those who have an anticipation for startups. Moreover anyone with a viable business idea as per our criteria can apply.

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